Are You Confused by the Internet?


Does the Internet confuse you? Are you apprehensive because of all the stories you keep hearing about Identity Theft, Hacking and all the other scary things you hear about web browsing and having a website? We understand, and we can help, after 15 years of internet use and almost 10 years of web mastering the founder of Jamathan Design has found how many people will take advantage of those fearsĀ and anxieties. If you have a question about the Internet we’ll answer it, and we won’t use language you won’t understand. Here at Jamathan Design we take the Internet out of the Clouds and bring it down to earth so the average person can understand it’s use.

Our experience with Computers goes back to the days when people thought 250 mega bytes was huge. We’ve seen a lot of changes since those days and the founder of Jamathan Design has been right there every step of the way learning to use all the newest technologies that are released.